Rituals : Bangle Ceremony

Bangle Ceremony Ritual Event

7events.in has specific decoration concepts for this event. This is a pre wedding event which is being celebrated in many Communities of Indian Weddings. The Glass Bangles are said to be auspicious especially green color. But to give more glamour and creativity to the event along with glass green bangles lot more types of Bangles are being used. The Bangle will be inserted to both hands of the bridal girl by an ritual Bangle person who is meant for this kind of traditional rituals. Even the gust will be earing the Bangles as part of this wonderful creative pre wedding event. Beautiful Photography, Great music and Decorations are the highlights of this theme. Yeah the Bangles are the prime element.

Creative event of Bale, Bangle, Chudia Ceremony Events.

Weddings, Mehndi ceremonies of weddings will have Bangle wearing ceremony.


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