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Dear Entrepreneurs,

It’s been a great journey Creating a Big Brand in Event Management Industry with high professionalism and robust process. We are happy to announce franchise PAN India & abroad by comprehensive model”.

Now it is dream come reality for enthusiast to get the franchise in your town/city/country with the Great Brand “7events”. We have made an extensive research and have formulated a comprehensive licensing strategy for wonderful ROI. It is a pleasure to pledge our hand to fulfill your dreams.

We have made highly affordable packages to enhance your business to an exponential level to see great legends. Whoever has passion, enthusiasm and investment can Inquire us to achieve breakthrough in your Business goal.

You can send your inquiry with this FRANCHISE INQUIRY FORM

Our Hubballi Franchise a tier two city is up & Running Very successfully and has gained great reviews and appreciations from our Hubli customers. This is a test and tried model. So check out your term now.

All the best

CEO Bangalore , INDIA


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