Franchise : Hubli-Branch Hubli Franchise

7events has done a lot of events across south India and We keep getting calls everyday due to word of mouth from all our customers.

Many a times it happens that not every customer can afford to get service done from Bangalore branch. As we provide one stop service the customer can enjoy their event just like any of their guests. So we have a in-house branch with team and whorehouse, office. The people who are in Hubli and surrounding cities like Dharward, Gadag, Ballari can get easy access to service of 7events which people are fan of.

We hare the first company to have branch as a professional event company in the entire country. We will be soon branching our across pan India as we have wonder experience, expertise in this creative industry.

We are overwhelmed with the emotions that the customers experience wen we do the services, when the guests praise them. An emotional attachment has been a great value that we have achieved so far from our beloved customers.

We have executed big ticket event in Hubli, house warming in Davangere, Engagement in Hubli, Birthday, Wedding, candid photography.

We are becoming household names in Hubli as the hoteliers and the existing market players are stunned by our service and they have poured shower of praises.

We are ale to give more focus, customization to the Hubli customer as this city is not busy as Bangalore for commuting to venue and customer places when needed. We have great reviews already for all Hubli Based event and we are getting references.

Gallery#1 House Warming Ceremony in HUbli


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