Rituals : Baby Shower



Seemantham is the ritual that is carried out in the southern region of India. It’s a ceremony performed to celebrate the fertility of a woman. Motherhood holds a unique place in every mother’s heart. Nothing can be more special than bringing a bundle of joy into this world, giving birth to it and raising it with all love and care you can provide. This ceremony is usually held in the seventh month of pregnancy. It is celebrated to shower the soon to be mother with all the blessings and love and to keep all evil spirits away from her and the child. We at 7events know how important this phase is for any woman. The transition from being a woman to a mother is ineffable and we want you to have the most exceptional celebration. A celebration that will remain etched in the memories of everyone present just like it will be on yours. For this ceremony all the women are invited, relatives and friends to be a part of this joyous moment. Turmeric or kumkum is smeared on the mothers forehead and bangles are put in her hand. This ceremony is basically conducted for the well-being and proper growth of the child.

Baby Shower

Baby shower is the westernized version of Seemantham. A function that began in the west which soon caught up with east as well. All the soon to be mothers nowadays have a baby shower which is usually thrown by her friends or close relatives to shower her with gifts and to spend some quality time with her before her big day. We at 7events know to keep this baby shower cute, sweet and adorable. To turn this occasion into an elegant beautiful evening to remember forever.

Services for Baby Shower Event

  • Beautiful Decoration
  • Beautiful Table For Fruite & Tray Arrangements
  • Candid Photography & Video
  • Humming mUsic
  • Photobooth & Selfy Booth
  • Baby Shower Games


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