About Us-2015

Birthday Party

7events is the NO! ONE Birthday Party Organizer in Bangalore :

We are happy to announce our dream come true project ” MyEventShop” which will be INDIA’s first and the only marketplace for all event related sales shop. We have made enough research and built a cutting edge, robust and user friendly system for people to buy online which saves money, time and brings the pleasure of shopping!

The Key USP being that when an event happens in any individual’s life or with an organization they need service and also need to buy a lot of stuffs.

Searching it and gathering it personally or through online is a long time exercise. We wanted to expose almost everything anyone needs in their life events. Generally Events can be private, family, public and between individuals. You may need to gift somebody, decorate your own way for your house, garden for any event preparations that has to be hosted; might need to design a concept for your own individual small events. It can be return gifts to the kids and elders of family events; presentations to any occasions, felicitation; it can be fine-dining arrangements to invite kitty parties at home, it can be friends bachelor party, festivals, fashions and life style to be together for an eventful life; Hosting a fashion rally at collage or a company; a sports day; an adventure excursion day event and many more.

As an example a wedding is a lengthy ceremony which needs prior and post event involvements. The shopping needed for both host and the guests. Engagement: Bride, Bridegroom, Parents, Family members who are the host at the same time the guests will also be in preparation for the events. Bachelor party and mementos, Bridal-wares, Bridal Make up, Bridal Night arrangements, Bridal Gifts, Honeymoon packages, Baby Shower, Naming ceremony, Birthday and anniversaries and Shashti pujas.

It will help to well plan and buy the event items with 100’s of choices for individuals of the family. Apparels, Foot-wares, Ornaments, Cosmetics, Fancy Eye lenses , Arrangement articles, Ethnic , Ritual items, Return gifts, Tambalas, Invitations cards, crockeries – dining sets for house guests, honey moon packages, travel kits, bridal room arrangements props , furniture, puja articles and many more. Shop Enjoy and Recommend.

Happy Event Shopping

myeventshop by 7events.

About Us-2013

7events is the NO! ONE Birthday Party Organizer in Bangalore:

Dear Customer,

Welcome to 7events.in , The Uniquely Creative , Highly Reliable , Hassle-free, Streamlined & Affordable Event Management Company.

We are just briefing some details about our company profile.


It is not only about event planning and execution. It is about starting relationship for the life time with customer. Innovation by “creativity and technology” driven by a good model of “Business – Customer Relation” is the key USP of 7events. The team has taken enormous effort to streamline and improve the process with sophisticated tactics in every part of the operations in 2012. While market research, R n D , new investments are ongoing process , we are striving to plan and execute the events at macro levels by creating nano level script of execution. This will promise a mirror image of the event to the execution team and to the customer. – Art Engineer

7events.in Brand

The brand is Trademark Registered, Copyright Registered and has executed Around 1800 + Events with 120 Registered vendors. The company is driven by qualified techno creative professional with strong management talent having high zeal of creating an innovative quality brand and to become a successful enterprises to create job opportunities ; set trend among the People which creates a new business model boosting the economy in a broader sense. People who are hunger to leverage the quality services can join the Bandwagon of 7events Customer Community – Art Engineer


Most Important Challenge was to make our vendors to comply with our Quality standards. We have achieved a great milestone in tweaking and training our vendors to practically obey and practice our standards to give the best of their talent and workmanship. In 2012 we changed the model or “Bulk and Quality ” Orders to “Quality and Hassle Free ” Orders . 2012 has been a great year for us where we did see a exponential results in implementing our quality standards. The year 2013 is another term to practice and standardise all initiative taken in 2012 to reach macro level execution of smooth and quality process / services.

Few Weddings Outstations:

– Big weddings – Destination Wedding – Kodaikenal – Carlton, Kodai International ( Both 5 Star Resort Hotels )

– Lalitamahall Palace in Mysore

– MGM Beach Resort in Chennai – Open Door Event

– Silent Shores Mysore – Open Door Event

– Kalaingner Karunanidhi Convention Hall – Arivalayam – Wedding in Trichy


-Palace Grounds Weddings in Bangalore

-Most of the Star Hotels in Bangalore

-Many of the Convention Halls

Few Corporate Customers:

– Sonata Software – Annual Day

– Bharati Axa – Annual Day

– Infosys – Ingram Micro – Team Out

– PACE- Philips subsidiary – Team Outing to Wildlife

– TechmahBazar – Festival Carnivals

– Accenture – Carnival

– Milenge – Annual Days , Team Outing to Wayanad

– Karnataka Tools : Annual Days – 3 years

– Ansaldo : Annual Day

– Gopalan Enterprises – Regular Mall Decorators – Direct Vendors

– Royal Oak – Annual days

Please feel free to contact for any service details.

For Online Demos all around the world , please download “Teamviewer” Free Edition software( www.teamviewer.com ).

Best Regards

7events Team

Thanks for Choosing Quality Rich, Economical, Creative-One-Stop Service.

About Us-2012

7events.in™ is has raisen itself by innovating new concepts to reach wide audiance from a small party to elaborate parties. 7events is the NO! ONE Birthday Party Organizer in Bangalore. We have new Carnival Activities, Drapes and Balloon Decorations, Floral Decorations which are unmaching conepts. 7events.in is has set a new creative quality standard in Bangalore.

Birthday Party Organizer

7events is the NO! ONE Birthday Party Organizer in Bangalore, is wowen a new set of Wedding Events, Flower Decorations, Corporate Events and Studio services which will be one of its kind in Bangalore-India.

The managers of 7events would give personal attentions and planning to the customers to fit to the customers Pocket.. 7events has expertise in understanding the needs of customers where it has learned the ethnicity of social culture and corporate culture of our land. Explore the service as we are pleased to serve you. SWIFT, DEDICATED, PLEASANT SERVICE…

New Process

We have allocated different resources to effectively communicate and to breakdown the assignments which helps a lot for the customers . Our service is limited to only selected customers who fall under our Process Re-requisits. This way customers and our team will have enjoyable and hormonic relation to get the best output.

Our Innovation and Creative Definition

Innovation and quality is our future key. Our creative advisors who have reputation of several years in creative- technology field and 10 years prior experience in Event Service segment has been setting the standards and bringing out new concepts unavailable in the present market. Over next few months we would have a new standards set for quality service ahead of any other company. For instance the Creativity Starts with our Logo. Our artists are qualified professionals. They just don not work they in invent ideas and experiment. 7events is the NO! ONE Birthday Party Organizer in Bangalore.constant encouragement is driving our artists to think out of the box. Next 6 months is crucial for us and we would achieve our target of defining and practicing the quality incomparable to other service providers keeping the cost of the service as low as any other service providers in the segment.


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