Wedding & Pre Wedding Decorations

Pre Wedding Decoraitons like Engagement ( Ring Ceremony), Roce Ceremony, Mehandi, Haldi, Sangeet Sandya, Bangal ritual Decoraitons concepts, Wedding Decoraitons, Mantaps, Receptions Decoraitons. Classic, Indian traditional, Western, Indo Wester concepts, Simple, Rich, Royal standards themes are available. Hindu, Muslim, Christians, South Indian, North Indian, Arya Vyshya's, Kannada Styles, Tamil Styles, Bramhin's suitable concepts are available. Call us today 9900000941, Whatsapp 7070101010

Sample Signature Flower Decoration Gallery - SNOW-GLOW Gallery#1

Simple & Elegant Decoration Gallery #2

Wedding Decorations Medium Concepts

These set of decorations are little richer than the Gallery #1. The concept themes are made such a way that the cost of the theme must be affordable to every customer for every budget. 7events has 100's of choice for custoemrs for any budget. The quality and The conepts are always different from conventional concepts. Please call to explore more designs and planning for your event.

Medium Decoration Gallery #3

Wedding & Special Wedding Decorations Concepts

This gallery has signature themes which are simple looking but rich in ptops & appearence. All

Simple & Elegant Decoration Gallery #4

Transform Your Wedding Dreams into Sheer Grandeur with the Best Wedding Decorators in Bangalore

“Marriages are made in heaven”...celebrating the union of two hearts and souls that promise to stay together forever. No wonder, the occasion has to be most enchanting and memorable that you will cherish for a lifetime. And it begins with astounding wedding decoration that will make heads turn in appreciation. is a name synonymous with innovative ideas, outstanding creativity and unmatched attention to details. We are ranked among the top-notch wedding decorators in Bangalore, transforming your ideas into exceptional wedding themes that will stand out from others.

Floral decoration is our forte and we have over 10 years of experience in this arena. is the leading flower decorators in Bangalore, specialising in out-of-the-box flower stage and backdrop decorations to make your wedding most miraculous and splendid. All our floral designs are one-of-a-kind and tailored to meet individual requirements. Our service excellence lies in decorating brilliant wedding backdrops, mandap, engagement ceremony, reception parties, convention hall and more. We stand out as the leading wedding decorators in Bangalore by providing the most unique and marvellous creations for every type of marriage ceremony and themes.

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