NRI Support Desk

NRI’s & Outstation Customers can breath easy and save a lot Time & Money while enjoying their event organising!

We have comprehensive services

We have comprehensive services, a kind of One Stop Service and One Point Accountability for all your event needs that you can decide from your residing country / city.Value for money events.

Our step by step

Support desk will help you to get complete confidence on all the services that you may need. We will give complete details over Real Live Demo Online, Email Details, and Photo references. We will provide all the options and suggestions that will save your time and cost. Below are some the key points that we practice to help the customer to gain 100% confidence on execution of event just sitting from your house. We wisely promise min 82% Satisfaction level while we have overwhelming satisfaction level from a lard base of customers.

WhatsApp Call for cost saving communications

As WhatsApp is being widely used and very handy to communicate, our customers are effectively calling at their will without laptops and ISD need. WhatsApp has replaced skype call too. So you can access our team members at your fingertips. Satisfaction 7events.

Teamvewer Online Live Demo for virtual deco tour

You might be wondering that a personal demo would be ideal to visualise the concepts. To facilitate use often use TM software to give live demo direct from our laptop. This way we both can understand the idea and effetely it to place. Many of our customers have benefited from this practice.

Help to Choose Venue

Indoor, Outdoor, Resort, Garden, Convention Centre, Party Hall, Conventional Country (Mantaps) , Temples , Community Halls.

Different options of events

From Decoration to Making Creative album we service you most of the needs the customer has for any event regardless if it is family or corporate events. We have in-house production which gives flexibility and cost effective services and a wide range of options to the customers.

Cost proposal of your liked services

Once all the options are explained, we will send costing for all the services that you are interested in. This will help you to make cost optimisation. Upon final discussion and elimination round we will take the booking and send you the entire booked Itemised list for your future reference. All the terms and conditions with limitations will be well mentioned transparently.

Facilitate for Purchases of Event related Items

Since we basically cater to event services the customers will also have lots of purchases which is difficult for them to buy within short period of travel time in India. All possible purchases will be made behalf of the customer on their specification on selected customers with cost to cost expenses and minimal service charge.

Direct references of Other service providers which we do not carry

Some of the very needy services which may be needed for the customers but which we are not in our expertise can be taken from our known expertise. I will recommend reliable and good service providers like Boutiques, Archakas etc.. This way you do not need to worry on finding reputed service providers. We do not charge for the recommendation neither take commission for recommendations.

Flexible Payment Options

Flexible Payment Options : You can pay buy Cash, Cheque, Bank Transfer, Credit Card and Debit Card.

Cost Optimisation to meet your budget

We will sit customer to optimise the cost and the service which helps them to not to get confused with 10’s options that we pose. We will help to identity the critical need as per their desire and accordingly take the bookings. This way the customer is happy with their plan. While your hard earned money must be well utilised at the same time not compromising the dream event.

Flexible Decoration Costing as per your budget and taste

While almost all the event planners outsource the service, we have in house decorations which is the main advantage for customer . We can give lot flexibility with no additional cost. We have artists, fabrication which helps us to make custom concepts. We are famous for custom and unique designs.

Low cost to exclusive Services options which can be selected as per your wish

Earlier the better. The vendors always tent to increase the service cost year on year and some of the critical services which are in demand can rise frequently. Earlier bookings will help to save cost and also last minutes worry.

Cost Saving Ideas

Since we have in-depth experience in this industry, there are lots of ideas that will save money for you. Save time and energy. It can selecting venue, Deciding Boutique, Media services etc..