Threading Ceremony

The threading ceremony or the Munja ceremony is considered as a very important milestone in any boy’s life in the Hindu religion. It is the ceremony in which a sacred thread is tied around the boy giving him the right to learn and study the sacred Hindu Vedas and scriptures. This ceremony dates back to 3000 BCE which was before the birth of Lord Krishna. In those days this ceremony was conducted when the boy reached the age when it’s time to leave home and to completely devote himself to his Guru. But nowadays it’s celebrated when the boy reaches his puberty.

The ritual commences with the boy shaving his head. Then a tuft of hair is tied around his head and a string of flowers around his brow. This will be the last time the boy will be fed by his mother before he opens the door to a world of maturity and responsibility, and hence the ritual of him sitting on his mother’s lap and being spoon-fed for the last time will take place. He is bathed to remove any reminiscence of the past as this ceremony is supposed to mark his rebirth. After which he is handed over the sacred thread.

The sacred thread consists of three strands where each strand symbolises the three Vedas-Rugveda, Yajurveda and Samaveda. It is worn to keep the good and purity in him alive, to not adulterate his deeds and guide him in the path of righteousness.

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