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Other terms of Baby Naming Ceremony

Namakaranam , Namakaran , Cradle Ceremony , Naming Ceremony , Baptism ( Christians ). Jews celebrate this ceremony in the name of Javed Habat or Brit Mila. Baala saara (or) Namakarana Dolarohana (or) Naam Karan is a traditional ceremony of naming a newborn baby among Hindu communities of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. ‘Thottil’ in Tamil meaning Cradle.


People celebrate Naming Ceremony very interestingly and joyfully. People are crazy about making it fun and entertaining with beautiful visual look. For wedding people generally do it with hurry and anxiety while Naming ceremony is done with joy and happyness. Getting a beautiful cradle, beautiful dress, Special Theme Nameboard, Special Backdrop and most importantly the venue. People are doing in more lieasure places and open places. With Special Canopy , Special Round Tables Arrangements with Thematic Decoration and Table arrangements. Vineyeard Theme , Peacock Color Theme, Snow Glow Theme, Magic Chariot Theme, Red Theme, Blue Theme, Traditional Style Theme, Crystal Theme are some of the beautiful themes that 7events has done.


It is a divinity to celebrate the Cradle Ceremony. Many Cultures across the world perform the event . Christians celebrate is as Baptism, Hindus clebrate from ages , all Maharajas and the coomon man were conducting the Naming ceremony auspiciously. The Buddhist , Jews & Islamic religions celebrate in their ethnicity.