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We always make new fresh creative artist made name-boards for Naming Ceremony. For Namakaran Name-board is a prime element to showcase , announce the baby name creatively , presentably. The professional baby name-board complements and will be in sync with backdrop decoration. While Baby girl can have any color combination , for the boy babies red, yellow , beige, green, blue , orange, silver are preferred. For customized Name-boards please call and give you specifications.. We categories the types to three verities, Creative name-boards, Thematic which are meaningful to baby name and Exclusive which are custome made for super special showcase.

Ceative Name-Boards

Each time we make different design. Every Batch will have a design for girls and for boy babies. It is always fresh and made by famous artists. Its fragile. Its is embossed and use non shiny background paints for better photography. These creative nameboards will attract the people and compliment the deco. Your naming ceremony is made memorable and creative.

Meaningful Thematic Nameboards

This is always custom made design based the meaning of the baby. If you want to make the ceremony more meaninful and attractive , we can get these type of meaningful design is we can figure out a concept. Some names will not have a concept to make a sketch in such case you can give your concept. The concept made will be purely artists imagination and we will not be showing the preview of the design. It is surprise to you and your guests !

Exclusive Nameboards

This type of Name-Boards are vary special and takes ore time to develop at the same time makes a stunning and a out of the box displayof your lovely baby. There are seleverl ideas which can be made. Flower based like a signature style , Glass itching type, Stensil based Flower big Fonts Name-Boards etc.. These types involves a lot time and efforts. 7events has made many such great cradle ceremonies to make our customer happy and special.

Nick Name-Board

This is a new trend that we have created and the people , customer like this simple and special cute concept !!! In Indian families the names are published on the day of cradle ceremony , before unveiling these nicks names can be displayed at the backdrop. We can get these nick names made specially for your baby. Don’t you wan to remember the names of all family members who used to call him in a sweet and cute way ? Is it not delightful memory to be cherished in your future ? Go for it and make it a special event !