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  Bubble Party

What is a Bubble Party?
A Bubble Party is an energetic and interactive entertainment program geared toward young children between the ages of 3 to 8 years old. Bubble Parties include up to 60-minutes ofage appropriate music, dancing, games, and of course… Bubbles! These events are generally performed outdoors at local preschools and daycare centers. The music is fun, the games are simple, and every time the bubbles appear, the energy is infectious!

Bubble Parties can also be an unique entertainment choice for children’s birthday parties, christening celebrations, family fun nights, corporate events, reunions, or any kind of party that requires interactive entertainment for kids. The program can usually be tailored to fit a specific theme, age group, time frame, or performance area (in the event of inclement weather.) Bubble Parties are a great time for everyone… Kids of all ages will love it!



A Bubble Party is 60-minutes of age appropriate music, dancing, games and fun geared toward young children, primarily ages 3-8. However, children of all ages enjoy bubbles!

The music is upbeat and energetic, the games are simple and easy to learn, and every time the bubble machines click on, the energy is infectious. The looks on the children’s faces is one of pure joy.


Read about the excitement Bubble Parties are creating…

“The kids had a blast! We are huge Bubble Music Man fans! My daughter saw the Bubble Music Man for the first time and loved it.”
“The kids had so much fun chasing the bubbles. The best part was when my daughter told me that she had a great time at the party and that she liked Mrs. Bubbles.”
“During the school year I have Mrs. Bubbles out to entertain my children, her bubbles and music always takes the party to another level - From graduation parties, to winter wonderland of bubbles. A+ with me!”
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