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Birthday Entertainments


MC Mages are the most fun and interactive activity in the party. We strongly recommend this event as it go for 45 minutes. The MC will get his own props and consults the games of around 3 to 4. after the games he will facilitate for cake cutting as well. He will make announcements for any instructions , introduction of the parents, announcing all the activities arranged. The entire event will be occupied. We can provide MC’s with language of your choice. We have range of MC’s with experience.

Balloon Shooting

Balloon Shooting is good for elderly kids and all the grownups and aged guests. It gives a carnival feel and leisure time for guests to relax. Each will get 3 chance to shoot. As and when the balloons are blasted in intervals it will be replace to ensure maximum guests get chances within 3 hours time. Its been always a hit game as people love to spend time with shooting aiming for the target.

Hoopla Ring Game

Hoopla Ring Game is the most exiting carnival game as they have a chance to get a gift of then win !! It recalls our childhood where we tried to win throwing the ring. The gamer will add more gifts as and when guests win the gifts after successfully circling the gift on the table. Lots of fun. We will ensure that the guests often can win and will not make it too tough. Intention is to make the guests be happy for their effort.

Canopy Stalls

Canopy stalls gives a beautiful look in the party and can be made with costume colors to match the theme. We have Cone type Canopies smaller ones. Also we can make costume size canopies for multiple artist to sit in a single shelter. Especially if it is outdoor it is definitely a must choice. Main attraction is that the ambiance look very elegant and complements the theme look and feel. The arts also get some importance instead of making them sit sparely.



Tattoo is like salt in any dish ! Its something every age group and gender like . It is colorful, temporary and very creative. We have senior artist who can cater to 30 to 40 people in a span f 3 hours. Many of them get it done twice due to craze. It will give lot of glamour & fun to the party guests. For girls boys different types will be painted. It is non toxic and hygiene. Its water pain and can be washed immediately and does not leave any trace. Very cost effective as well.


Caricature is comic sketch of the guest. Caricature has heritage in the modern era especially in journalism. Now that this opportunity is coming to your guests. The features of the face will be highlighted in the sketch and its so fun to see it in a comic way. We have black and white option and color caricature option. The artist will sketch on the spot and write the name of the person on demand and handover the sheet to the guest. This becomes a memento or a return gift to the guests in the party. Guest will see and enjoy . The Kids get inspired by the creative art. Not every artist can do this art.

Color Caricature

Just photo & Heading

Balloon Art

Balloon art, balloon craft , Balloon Modelling, Baloon moulding its all different names the artist refer to the same art. Its colorful, enjoyable and kind of soft toy to the kids in the party. Our artist makes 20 to 30 verities of models like rabit, snake, duck, crown, sword and a lot different ones. Kids like this one the most . Each kid will ask for 2 to 3 types and they wear and enjoy the balloons. It is made out of narrow balloon sby blowing air and swsting it. Unlimited models will be done by the artist for the stipulated period generally 3 hours.

Nail Art

This is fantasy for ladies and girls. The artist make nice designs on the nails. Why not a dedicated art for women ? Its a nice way to grab their appreciation ! Well guys stay away from it ! Its for females only ! Hehe

Hair Color

Youngsters delight ! The young boys and girls , young women love this art. Its all about fashion. The artist will have different colors. The gusts can chose their color of their choice and quickly get the color done. The colors are temporary and gives a eye popping look and a glamorous art.

Hair Braid

Hair Braiding is again an heritage art from ages and centuries. IT brings an attitude the personality, gives an identity. The perspective of looking at a person will project a different drift. There will an album with the braiding artist and guests will have choice to chose from. One of the happening activity for girls. Selfy shots are often taken during such hair styles.

Instant Mehandi

Instant Mehandi is a traditional Indian art which is most liked by every girl and ladies. It is instant and the artist will get a Mehandi mix which will within a short time gets the color of the drawing. Get the art done on either side of the palm or only in the front side and wash it in few minutes.The artist will apply different designs for each of your guests. Instant Mehandi designers are generally simple and elegant. More creative motif you want less the number fo guest get it. Its basically to enthrall girls and ladies so as to give a celebration feeling of the event . Mehandi art is symbol of Indian tradition practiced from centuries.

Face Painting

Face Painting art is awesome art to color the face with any theme elements like clown , superman face, butterfly feather for girls, dragon flying on the cheeks, spider covering the chin , painting different mask as per the party theme, flower paints like a fairy , fantasy water paints like some famous comic characters such as spiderman, wonder women. Its safe like water color tattoo, can be washed any time which does not leave any trace or marks of paint & hygienic.

Pottery Making

Pottery Making is one of the most liked and successful art in any party. Who does not like trying it out to make pots ? which is a great chance and a traditional professional art. The artist will get all the gadgets needed for demonstrating the pot making with clay, wheel and rotating stick. The artists are practicing this professional from generations. They make around 50 to 60 different & creative small verities of pots and diyaas ( deepa) which gets dried in a short time where the guests can collect them and carry along with them to their home as a memento or a small return gift ! It is never a messy thing as many assume. The artist will take care of execution of it. Get delighted and make your party a wonderful interactive one. Believe me its wonderful art to have in any party. This art is for every age and gender.

Clay Art

Clay art is colorful art wherein the artist will make attractive tiny model of animals , birds and life things like car, vase etc.. Similar to pottery making this art is also interactive where in the kids not only watch it as an art but can try the model making using the clay. The clay is readily available branded quality which is generally edible though can be eaten for kids safety as the brands claim. Clay is liked by every single kid and you might have bought your kids a lot many times already. But the parents would have not tough the kids to make creative models wither by time factor or they are not artistic. This art s for kids only while the elders can always see the art and try for sure. Kids can away the models for them.

Canopy Stalls

Canopy stalls gives a beautiful look in the party and can be made with costume colors to match the theme. We have Cone type Canopies smaller ones. Also we can make costume size canopies for multiple artist to sit in a single shelter. Especially if it is outdoor it is definitely a must choice. Main attraction is that the ambiance look very elegant and complements the theme look and feel. The arts also get some importance instead of making them sit sparely.


Marigo Round

Marigo Round is a carnival play for kids which we all know and it brings the memory our childhood . Many kids can play together as the operator assist the kids through the event. 4 chairs, 6 chairs Marigo Rounds are available on prior booking. It will be good for outdoor or spacious venues. Kids play this lovingly as they generally like physical activities more which does not make them bored and a chance to play many kids for an enjoyable time.

Bull Ride

Sliding Bouncer

Sliding Bouncer is commonly used inflatable amusement play where it caters to a big crowd of kids. Kids most favorite as they get to play physically along with a gang of kids. They jump with the bouncy big balloon which is soft to hump and jump. Slider bouncers are generally big and we also offer carnival slider which is giant big can cater for bigger crowd events so that no kids are spared. The Bouncy guy will assist the kids crowd. It is recommended to be used in a spacious venue indoor or outdoor. If indoor tall roof is preferred.

Horse Ride

Horse Riding is again an outdoor event. Its a nice rare chance to get such rides in your city for anyone. Each one will get a round of ride. You will get to know this exiting experience at the same time image how polo sportsmen get expertise in horse riding , racing. From ancient times humans have begin using horse as their transport , travel mode. You would be mesmerized to observe the strength of this great animal “ The Horse Power “!!

Pony Ride

You can hire the pony for small kids rides serving the same purpose of the grownup horse. The master of the pony will assist for the ride.

Amusing People

  • Walk Around Fairies
  • Tall Nagel
  • Table Angel
  • Welcome drinks angel
  • Shows
  • MC Games

Magic show

Walk Around

  • Stand up comedian
  • Clown act
  • Walk Around Clown
  • Hoopla
  • Dwarfs Clowns
  • Dance

Fun Eatables

  • Popcorn
  • Popcorn Cart
  • Cotton Candy
  • Candy Cart
  • Gola Ice
  • Chocolate Fountain
  • Canopy Stalls
  • Bombay Mitai


Rain Dance Party – New

  • Dandya [Dandiya, Dandia]
  • Ramp Show Performers
  • Fashion Show
  • Bhangra Group
  • Bollywood
  • Western , Beboying
  • Free Style , Salsa
  • Break Dance


  • Dollu Kunitha Folk Group
  • Nandi Kolu Folk Group
  • Yakshagana Group

Music & Sound

DJ Music

  • Basic Music System
  • PA system for Dance Event
  • PA system for Conference
  • Solo singers
  • Light Music Singers- Sugam Sangeeth
  • Gazal Singers
  • Westerns/ Bollywood Dance Groups
  • Instrument Players-(Guitarists, Keyboard )
  • Saxophone
  • Rock Band
  • Solo Players
  • Bhava Geete
  • Fusion Instrumental
  • Indian Classical
  • Carnatic Music Group
  • Violin Player
  • Classical Veena Player
  • Tabala Player
  • Flute Player
  • Kerala Chenda Group
  • Punjabhi Dhol ( doll)


Decoration Elements

The decoration are made with best artist keeping the quality and richness.

Since photography is one of our prime service the decoration are made in such a way that the backdrop will look beautiful, non reflective and rich.

The decorations will include backdrop the theme character cutouts, theme deco elements.

Adding lights to the deco will immensely beautify the deco.

We have all range costing from basic to super rich themes.

We can also make drapes and cartoon mix concepts as we do a lot of exclusive drape works

Most of the themes are western style. We have made extensive research and have come with very professional decorations which are admitted and applauded by our belved customers with showers of praises.

We can also make costume designs of any references as we have very good designers and art visualizers.

Other Elements

The Theme deco elements can be made more fantasy by having theme tickets for entry,

theme invitation card, theme entrance , Theme T shirts for artists

Theme color costume can be mentioned in the invitation card.

Theme Photo-booth , Selfy Booth, Theme Wish Tree

Theme Drapes, Bow, Sash to chaira and Round tables if any.

The chair Center Piece can be thematic for example, butterflies were kept for every cahir and round table.

Theme decoration based print for every round table.

Cartoon Based

Kids are Fairies themes like tinkerbell , tumbalina, Pricess themes likes cinderella, snowhite 7dwarfs , Frozen Elsa, Anna, sleeping beauty, Beauty and beast Bella. Sofia, Little Mermaid.

Some of the common comic type themes are junglebook, doremon, chota bheem,Bambi, Ice age,

Generic Theme

Butterfly themes, Flower Themes, Candy,

Drape & Flower Based

Chariot Based, ShowGlow, Show Flakes , There are plenty of decorations that you can chose from as much as 30 color choice combination .The drapes can be of many color choice from western colors like pink, lavender, silver, peach to any Indian colors like red, gold, maroon.,


Castle Themes, Small World, Candy Theme

Balloon Based

Balloon always ads a lot of glitter to the event if used in thematic way.

Balloon arches can be raised in the entrances and at the photo-booth.

Balloon bunches can spread across the venue and gives a completing look and feel

Its cost effective as well.

Balloon pillars again make a great appeal to give a celebration feel and looks filled

Floating Helium balloons expensive but gives a great elegance to the ambiance

These balloon elements are included in the theme deco packages and can be added to any other custom package.


Color LED Lights

Warn LED

Cool LED

Ambiance Focus – Halogen Lights

Mettal Allied Ambiance Lights

Follow Spot Light


Gobo Lights

Chiller Lights


Disco Lights

Laser Lights

Laser with Smoke Machine

DMX control


DJ Lights

Carnivals Food


Carnivals Cakes



3D modular Theme Cake

Edible Prints

Cake Flowers

E-Cards – e-Invitation


We provide e-cards based on your theme of decoration.

We can do customized e-Cards as well. You ca share that in email, whats app.

We will provide you with beautiful templates which you ca chose and give your text content to update.

If you want Printed cards , we can get it printed for you. This part of work is a major time consuming part you.

Our help will help you for a seamless event organizing.

Different types of cards different age group will be made.

The exitement of the birthday party starts from here. The guests will be in hype to attend.

Guest turn up very important and the cards makes a lot of differece. With hectic schedule

it is hard to attend every guests home at the same time the host needs to ensure the guests arrival to make asuccessful event.

Mentionaing thr activities will also keep the kids and others to be prepared for the fun

The cards must be casual unlike traditional styles. Most of the birthdays goes with western style except for elderly people.

e-Cards & e-Invitation


Initially it was email, and now it is by whatsapp. We can get you Video Invitation

card done for you which you can easliy circulate to your guests for inviting them in more creative way.

We will optimise the video for easy downlaod and share of the invitaton. If uploaded to youtube the invitaiton will be accessable ever for you to your future memories